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Also today, Mars forms a sextile to Jupiter, and we are enthusiastic about taking action to make changes and improvements. Decisive action comes naturally. We are more courageous and energetic than usual, and we can benefit greatly if we direct this energy into efforts to advance our goals. A spirit of friendly competition prevails as we seek to branch out and take on more challenges.

This influence encourages enterprise and confidence in taking action on our beliefs and convictions. Horoscope Overview for November for Cancer:. November brings opportunities to enjoy yourself and advance your goals, dear Cancer. There is a stronger focus on pleasure, recreation, hobbies, and love than usual, and perhaps some complications or backtracking related to these matters. At the same time, you're in an excellent place to enjoy your tasks, work, chores, and health pursuits. Opportunities can come through your special attention to your obligations.

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A partner or good friend may inspire you to reach new heights, learn and do new things, and generally live your life more fully. While some things remain up in the air, on a higher level, you're feeling a little more directed and confident that you'll find the right path. Mercury is retrograde in your sector of creativity and joy until the 20th, turning your attention to the past.

To clear the way for a fresh start, you may need to take care of some unfinished business. Projects might be on hold until you finish up some important details. Romantic relationships can be a little complicated, or you may be focusing on a past connection. Those projects or connections that have been holding you back from expressing your true, creative self may come under scrutiny. Try not to spend too much time waiting for something to happen since retrograde Mercury periods are notorious for delays and obstacles. Instead, pour your energies into what you know will bear fruit while keeping things open in the ambiguous areas of your life.

Especially around the , you're likely to gain insight into a creative or romantic matter.

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You might experience an epiphany of sorts about a creative or romantic matter. The Full Moon on the 12th reminds you of your need for friends, associates, support of the community, or like-minded people. Tensions in your social or romantic life can come to a head. You may be dealing with uncertainty or unpredictability in your social life at some points this month.

You could be sending or receiving mixed signals.

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Strive to avoid short-sighted decision making, even if ups and downs are frustrating. Feelings and desires can emerge abruptly, but you can choose to express them calmly for better results. If something is building inside you that needs a release, finding healthy ways to communicate it can be cleansing.

Jupiter is spending its last full month in your work and health sector, and with Venus here from the , it's an especially fun final ride. You might discover a new health program, or you could come up with excellent ideas about a work project. Good humor helps you to heal and more thoroughly enjoy the work you do. There can be opportunities to improve or enjoy your daily life and happily attend to your health and wellness.

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You more fully enjoy getting things done, working, helping, guiding, assisting, or being of service. You might also be feeling quite motivated to do meaningful work or to make your work more meaningful to you. You could be making connections and socializing in places you never thought to do so. Compliments or other forms of recognition for your efforts can figure strongly. Gaining cooperation to complete chores can be easier than usual now.

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This could provide you with the perfect excuse to sink into gloom, but don't fall into this trap. Get whatever business you're facing handled and out of the way. Or perhaps you can arrange to finish it off tomorrow. Then set up that hot date! Join together with others today, and you will find that you will make tremendous progress on whatever tasks you undertake.

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Remember that many hands make light work. There is a distinct advantage in sharing you burden with the people around you. Don't pretend to be able to tackle everything by yourself.

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There is no reason to strain yourself when there are plenty of willing hands around you who are eager to help you. Your well considered actions will be extremely effective today. There is a tremendous strength to your mental power and you should not hesitate to direct others towards avenues that would be good for them at this time. You are apt to have the vision to see things that other people might not notice. People may not be able to see the very same thing in front of them even if they're about to crash into it! You could be king of a social gathering today. You could end up being the star of any group you are a part of.

If you spend time with family members, you might entertain them with your stories and jokes. If you are hanging out with friends, all eyes could be turned your way as you make witty remarks. You'll be in a bubbly, clever sort of mood, so have fun! New interests that have come your way over the past few days might cause you to throw yourself totally into learning about them.

These interests might involve spiritual or philosophical matters, or they could involve history or the study of distant cultures. You might also be planning a vacation, and decide to spend a lot of time preparing for it today. Either way, you should have a great day. Go for it! You might be feeling in great form but for some reason, everything just seems more complex than normal.

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By the way, if you are a Cancer addict to your mobile phone, try to clean and disinfect it more. Think that we are constantly manipulating them with our hands, our fingers, which throughout the day finish more than once and twice from our mouth. Depending on the type of mobile you have, you could choose to clean it with alcohol or with water and vinegar. Your comment was successfully submitted. Send the comment. Magical Horoscope Cancer MagicHoroscope.

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